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The Most Regretable Tattoos You Will Ever See

Published on: Sep 20 2011 by admin | Comments (1)

Are people plain dumb? Yes. That would be the resounding answer to anybody viewing this collection of abhorent artwork. Tattoo's are for life not just for Christmas. Buy hey - It's your body do what you want. Enjoy.

1. Holy Cow AKA the 'Belly Ass'

tattoo of a cow butt

Possibly the most creative use of a belly button in tattoo format. To the guy's credit the ink in the button hole must have hurt! Is that belly fluff or cow dung?

2. DVD's will always be around!

tattoo of a dvd logo

Digital Versatile Disks (DVD's) are  a brave new format that will be around for ever! Oh wait...what about blu ray?

3. Under arm tattoo

under arm tattoo

We see what you did there! Smell my hairy.....umm...arm pit, extra points for being one to show to the grand children.

4. You're Awesome (But your Tattoo Artist Is Not)

awesome tattoo

If you need it written on you perhaps you ain't as awesome as you say me thinks! I'm sure the spelling was intentional...'cos he's so awesome that's how he spells it'


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